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Through hard work and valued relationships our Vision remains to realise the highest quality of Boutique Retail, Residential and Industrial Projects in select locations in SEQ and Northern NSW. Our in house processes including site acquisition, leasing, project and property management and delivering of buildings through design and construction. We take pride in applying an uncompromising level of diligence and passion to ensure projects of excellence are delivered.


From subtle Niche Market needs to demand driven Commercial outcomes in response to Market requirements, our fundamental approach is to remain understanding of and respectful to dynamic market factors. It is through this approach that our wide spread commercial, residential and industrial portfolio has become realised and continues to grow while serving as the anchor towards ensuring our successful longevity and adaptive strategies.  


As the needs of numerous sectors continue to evolve, The Primo Property Group remains resilient and adaptive in our endeavours to continue delivering highly desirable projects of need in unique and specialised locations.


Vince Ferraro

Managing Director

Christopher Ferraro

Development Manager

Jeremy Ferraro

Construction Manager

Elise Ferraro

Residential Sales Manager 

Nikki Ferris

Project Manager

Laura Ferraro

Executive Leasing Manager

Donna Fyfe

Accounts Manager

Sally Page

Senior Property Manager


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