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Primary Investment & Development Focus

Primary Investment & Development Focus

1. Design & Construct purpose built facilities for an array of national and international tenants. This includes all sectors of Property such as Retail, Commercial and Industrial. Our company specialise in working with large tenant requirements across Queensland & New South Wales.


2. ​Refurbishments of existing Retail or Commercial property which o er value add opportunities.

3. Construction of boutique high end residential dwellings

4. Strategic relocation developments, for tenants who have outgrown existing properties or

their existing market

Our company regularly constructs speculative retail, residential and commercial developments where a niche or opportunity is identified.


Our objective is to deliver our projects on time, to the highest finish and within our budgets and feasibilities, an asset which can be held long term within our private property trust, providing exceptional income streams and capital growth.

All leasing and sales stock we bring to the market is always exceptionally well received and it is not uncommon for us to far exceed our own expectations of profit with sales and rents. Ferraro also continually reach milestones with achieving record rents and sales across residential, commercial and retail projects.

Development & Investment Strategy

Development & Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is based on the shared experience of all members of the company and its directors, who have combined experience in property development, investment, construction, funds management and valuation.


  • Source nationwide requirements of the highest standard and potential

  • Identify key growth corridors and areas for commercial, residential or retail development

  • Identify growth areas heavily under serviced by basic retail needs

  • Identify areas of opportunity for boutique residential developments

  • Work and plan with major tenants with growth strategies to work towards successful

    Design & Construct outcomes

  • Follow planning scheme policies to identify upcoming opportunities within those


  • Coordinate and manage all nance requirements to successfully deliver a project

  • Successfully construct all projects ourselves, and oversee all aspects of the construction

    phase of the development

  • Coordinate and liaise with all tenants to ensure concise delivery of tenants needs such as

    t out speci cations

  • Cohesion between the Construction , Development and Leasing manger to coordinate the

    successful and timely delivery of projects to the market

  • E ective management plans implemented to ensure ‘in house’ management of all

    projects and assets

  • At the completion of all projects, the highest quality of property management ensures a

    maximised return of all assets are being achieved

Approach to Green Star

Appoach to Green Star

Primo are in touch with the ever evolving role of the environment within the development industry. All of our projects are designed to be completely energy efficient and environmentally friendly, from retail, to commercial and particularly residential. On all major projects we employ a green star energy consultant to review our projects and assist our design team with implementing ‘green’ initiatives. Primo Property officially registered the first Green Star building in Brisbane, for an 8,400m2 office building in Bowen Hills, on the June 12th 2008.

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